Space Events Coordination
Overview of Seminars


Commercialization Update
Current Trends and Issues
10th Space Policy Seminar FY2000
New Space Business Models for the New Century Space Development and Utilization Symposium sponsored by Japan Federation of Economic Organization (Keidanren) FY1999
US Trend toward Commercialization

Commercialization of International Space Station

Policy and Activity of US Reconnaissance Satellite and Commercial Satellite Imagery

8th Space Policy Seminar (Tokyo) FY1998
Progress of Commercial Space Activity and Government Support in US and Europe 7th Space Policy Seminar (Tokyo) FY1997
Civil Space Programs and Space Industry in US and Europe 6th Space Policy Seminar (Tokyo) FY1996
Prospect and Implications of the US Space Policies and Programs -Suggestions to Japan- 5th Space Policy Seminar (Tokyo) FY1994
Space Cost Seminar (Tokyo) FY1994
Outlook of World Space Programs and Space Industry after the Cold War 4th Space Policy Seminar (Tokyo) FY1993
Aerospace Plane - Policy and Law 3rd Space Law Seminar (Tokyo) FY1992
Commercial Space Activity and Environment Protection - State of Space Debris and its Countermeasures. 2nd Space Law Seminar (Tokyo) FY1991
Globalization of Technology Implications for the Future in Space Seminar in Washington D.C. FY1991
Status and Prospect of International Cooperation and Competition in Space 3rd Space Policy Seminar in Tokyo 1991
Space Business in Japan, Europe and the US 1st Space Law Seminar in Tokyo 1990
Assessment of Space Policy of Major Space Faring Nations 2nd Space Policy Seminar in Tokyo 1989
Perspective of Space Policy of next US president 1st Space Policy Seminar in Tokyo 1988


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